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I’ve written a paper at university about Internet outage monitoring by using the Border Gateway Protocol. It covers small outages caused by the earthquake in New Zealand as well as outages caused by political issues in Egypt in 2011.


This paper is about the measurement of Internet outages with a focus on the Border Gateway Protocol, as one of the most common routing protocols. First some background information about the protocol and its tasks are described, followed by a concrete example of last year’s events in Egypt. Thereafter a self-made analysis regarding the earthquake in New Zealand in 2011 is presented. Finally a conclusion about Internet outages and their monitoring with data collected by the Border Gateway Protocol is given. The conclusion also includes a short passage about recent papers and methods involving Internet outage monitoring in current academic research with a focus on the role of BGP within those.


The paper can be found at various scientific search engines and on my blog at /downloads/bgp-paper.pdf.

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